Build a God
Your source for a personal God
Soon you will be able to create your own personal God, complete with the powers of creation, judgment, and destruction as you see fit (just like all the other major religions).

Imagine - the power to create your own God (or Goddess) that you may worship or pray to as best suits your needs!  No more reliance on other people's interpretations of what it means to praise a god (or gods) - its all up to you!

You will no longer be a mere mortal.  You will become a creator of God (or gods, goddesses, or lesser demi-gods).

- Choose a physical or an ethereal form. 

- Give him/her/it a name.

- Select powers, and modify them at your pleasure.

- Describe the "rules" that you must obey to satisfy your god.

This and much more!


NOTE:  Please us this power carefully and responsibly. accepts no responsibility for calamities, plagues, earthquakes, landslides, global floods, emissions of  brimstone, or any other "acts of God" that result from the use of this site.
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